Trailer Rentals & Contract

We also provide trailer rentals at $75 per day. Contact our service department to book a trailer today! Trailer Rental Agreement

Winter Storage Rates & Contract

We will be providing indoor, heated storage for the 2017 – 2018 winter season. All of our storage facilities are updated, new, and dry buildings with concrete flooring. We are also able to provide annual service. Additionally, when purchasing any service package, we will make sure your battery is reconnected in the spring and run the engine so your unit is ready to go!

Please refer to our 2017 Storage Rates  and our 2017 Storage Contract for more information and to sign up. Payment is required at the time the unit arrives to our facility for storage.The storage contract can be submitted by mailing it to 1016 O’Malley Drive, Coopersville, MI 49404 or emailing it to

Note: The following prices apply to indoor, heated storage customers. For winterization and shrink wrapping services for cold storage boats, see our service page.

Why should I store my boat indoors?

Storing your boat indoors can prevent from rapid aging, depreciation, and molding. Even though shrink-wrapped, boats stored outdoors are still exposed to moisture. Throughout the course of the winter, materials such as wood flooring and upholstery are continuously expanding and contracting causing damage. 

While outdoor storage is usually cheaper at face value, boat owners also have to pay for shrink-wrap and for their engines to be winterized.

Most boats are designed for warm weather fun! Store them indoors with LYNDEN SPORTS CENTER and preserve their value and lifetime.