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Boats are designed for warm weather fun! Store them indoors with Lynden Sports Center and preserve their value and lifetime.

Why should I store my boat indoors?

Michigan winters can be harsh on everything, including boats. Storing your boat indoors can prevent rapid aging, depreciation, and molding.

While outdoor storage may be cheaper at face value, boat owners still have to pay for shrink wrapping and engine winterization. Outdoor storage also offers less protection. Even under shrink wrapping, boats stored outdoors are still exposed to moisture. Throughout the course of the winter, materials such as wood flooring and upholstery continuously expand and contract, potentially damaging the boat.

Winter Storage Rates

We are providing dry storage for the 2020 – 2021 winter season. Our updated facilities offer indoor dry space with concrete flooring, and we are nearing capacity. Please click the link below to sign up!

Trailer Rentals

If you need to transport your boat from anywhere to anywhere else, we’re here to help. We provide trailer rentals at $75 per day. Contact our service department to book a trailer today!

In addition to storage, we offer pick up and delivery to your dock or the boat ramp. We are also able to service your boat.