At Lynden Sports Center, we carry an excellent selection of aluminum and fiberglass boats. In addition, our inventory features all of the top industry brands, including Godfrey and Crestliner.

If you’re looking for a boat made of top-quality parts and materials and from one of the industry’s leading brands, then we have just what you need. Visit our showroom to check out our selection.

We serve customers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

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Godfrey carries three main lines: Sanpan, Aqua Patio, and Sweetwater.

They were the first to put an aluminum pontoon boat on the water in 1958 and still remain an industry leader in pontoon performance, design, and innovation. We have received the Platinum Dealer Award for multiple years (most recently 2019) due to our sales volume. Made in Syracuse, Indiana, these boats are local to us, which makes our partnership more convenient and our freight charges lower.

lynden sports center hurricane

We have recently added the Hurricane Deck Boat to our boat selection.

The deck boat combines the best of both worlds between the spacious pontoon and the fiberglass boat. They carry a variety of models suited to fishing, cruising, and sport. Unlike many fiberglass boats, they are designed to be outfitted with an outboard engine, which in some cases can be easier to maintain for a boat owner.


If you’re looking for an industry-leading, aluminum fishing boat brand, Crestliner is the right choice for you.

Since the 1940s, their goal has been to create a durable boat. They have done this by building all-welded aluminum boats, which have been tested by the market for the past 70 years and have proven to be successful.

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For nearly 70 years, Hewescraft has been building welded, heavy gauge aluminum boats, which excel in both value and safety.

Built in Washington state, they make a boat large and durable enough to take on big lakes or even the ocean waves on a windy day. They are also built with heated cabins in order to withstand the cold in the winter months.

We can work with you on importing the boat into Canada providing the necessary titles and letter of recall for the trailer. There are no border fees for this transaction. Applicable sales tax and/or federal taxes will need to be paid in your province.

lynden sports center wareagle

If you enjoy duck hunting, War Eagle has a boat for you.

They build an aluminum, flat-bottom boat with superior wing transom designs. All camo designs are hand-painted and designed to blend in with any outdoor area. War Eagle also supports the future generations, since they have donated over a million dollars in fowl conservation.

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