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Memorial Day + Michigan

Another month has come and gone, we are now looking forward to days of sunshine, warm boating weather, traveling with families and celebrating Memorial day.   Did you know according to Extension/MSU: Memorial Day was first celebrated as Decoration Day on May 30, 1868, and had grown out of a custom of

By Land and By Water | Full Spring Ahead

The new year has brought new opportunities and new adventures to Lynden Sports Center!  With the day-to-day changes we are dealing with through the pandemic we have made some huge strides towards our success and it would not be possible without the continued support and business from our customers!  You

Leading the Pack with 100% Sustainability at Lynden Sports Center Did you know that Lynden Sports Center generates enough energy to be self-sufficient? At Lynden Sports Center, we care about our environment as much as we value and care for our customers. The longevity of our business is a priority,

Giving Thanks (2020 Edition)

Giving Thanks (2020 Edition) 2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? Good thing gratitude doesn’t depend on circumstances. We’re a week away from Thanksgiving (the official one), but here’s a week’s worth of things we’re thankful for today! Our showroom We’ve enjoyed a gorgeous fall this year, but snow

Boat Halloween Costumes

Halloween plans are expected to be much more low-key this year as the country continues to follow safety precautions to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but our team here at Lynden Sports Center will still find a way of celebrating. Even though we’re celebrating the spooky holiday from home,

10 Boat And Fish Pumpkin Designs

Our team here at Lynden Sports Center understands that no Halloween party is complete without some fun pumpkin carvings and Jack-o’-Lanterns ready to greet trick-or-treaters and party guests. What better way to shock-and-awe your guests than with a pumpkin that embodies who you really are a boater and fisherman at

Top 8 Michigan Fall Activities

It has been an exciting summer for us here at Lynden Sports Center! Even with everything going on in the world, we have had one of the best summers to date. We would like to thank each one of you for your business and support. You are each a blessing

Labor Day Fun Facts

Labor Day, the “unofficial” end of summer, is knocking at our door. Despite the unending concerns of COVID-19, PR Newswire stated that on Monday, September 7 2020 an estimated 42.5 million Americans will hit the road over Labor Day weekend. With all of this travel, camping, barbecuing, and boating, our

4th of July Statistics

Can you believe it’s the 4th of July already? Even with everything going on in the world, here at Lynden Sports Center, we have already had such an amazing July! On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the

Lynden Sports Center Lake Michigan Lighthouse

20 Fun Facts About Michigan

Here at Lynden Sports Center we love the state of Michigan. From the five Great Lakes to the rolling mountains of sand, this state is not just our business location, it is our home. The only thing we love more than Michigan might be our love for boats and the