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Noah French, Marketing Clerk

Noah French, Marketing Clerk

Five Reasons We Love Boating Moms

This Mother’s Day, we are saluting the most important women in our lives, our Moms! Here at Lynden Sports Center, we believe that Moms are the best. They make your dull days brighter and your boring days more entertaining. The Boating Moms go beyond the call. Check out our list of Five Reasons We Love Boating Moms!

1. They take care of your cuts and bruises.

Lynden Sports Hook In Arm

2. They make sure you don't go too fast.

Lynden Sports Center Go to Fast

3. They make you wear your lifejacket.

Lynden Sports Center Lifejacket

4. They make sure the cooler is packed with healthy snacks.

Lynden Sports Center Healthy Snack

5. They keep the radio conversations polite.

Lynden Sports Center Polite Mom

If she’s a Boating Mom or not, celebrate all the mom figures in your life this year: your mom, step-mom, daughter, beloved neighbor, aunt, grandma, wife, a family friend — all the moms you can think of! Of course, she’ll always be your #1 fan, but Mother’s Day is her day to be celebrated. Whether it’s something little, or something big that has had an impact on you, let her know how much you truly care about her.

Do you have a gift for Mother’s Day yet? Check out Our Inventory and find the perfect gift for your Boating Mom.

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