8 Best Beaches in Michigan

Noah French, Marketing Clerk

Noah French, Marketing Clerk

8 Best Beaches in Michigan

Sometime’s it’s hard for us Michiganders to understand why some people spend thousands of dollars on a vacation to some far off fantasy island when there are perfect beaches with crystal-clear waters in the Midwest? Here at Lynden Sports Center we truly understand what an amazing state Michigan we truly live in. With over 3,200 miles of shoreline on its Great Lakes, Michigan is the second largest shoreline state in the United States.

From relaxing on pristine beaches and to spending your staycation sunbathing and swimming on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, it’s hard not to recognize how blessed we really are.

The best thing about beaches in Michigan is that there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking to find a pretty family beach with plenty of facilities or a beach graced with golden sands and ideal conditions for fishing, there is something for everyone on Michigan’s shoreline. That’s why our team at Lynden Sports Center decided to make a quick reference list of the 8 Best Beaches in Michigan. WOW! WHAT? NO WAY! Let’s have a look at the best beaches in Michigan:

1. Grand Haven

Source: Leene / shutterstock Grand Haven Beach, Michigan

A classic summer beach that includes a 48-acre state park, Grand Haven is one of the most popular vacation spots in Michigan. The beach features all the amenities you’d expect from a good beach and even has the option of camping right on the beach in downtown Grand Haven.

There is a picturesque red lighthouse and a beautiful boardwalk that goes all the way to the center of the town. Head out to Morning Star Café for breakfast or eat Mediterranean food for lunch at Elegance of the Seasons. For fabulous cocktails, visit the Snug Harbor and Jack’s Waterfront Bistro. For those with a canine friend in tow, there is a pet-friendly beach in the vicinity of Grand Haven where you can take your dog for walks.

Grand Haven Beach is only a short 25 minute drive from our location in Coopersville. I do not know about you, but I would stop in at least for the free coffee at our welcome center everyday AND the free new boat smells.

2. Orchard Beach State Park

Source: Robert a.k.a Bob / Flickr Orchard Beach State Park

Featuring over 150 campsites, Orchard Beach State Park is located on a bluff that offers amazing views of one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet, Lake Michigan. From there, you can use the staircase which offers easy access to the beach below.

Some of the most popular activities here include swimming, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. For the more adventurous, you can even go cross-country skiing during the winter season! Did you know that Lynden Sports Center can house your boat of these tantalizing skiing winter months? Check out our storage center!

The actual harbor consists of two piers and amenities such as public restrooms and picnic facilities are provided. The campsite is well-equipped and includes two showers and restroom buildings, a mini cabin, and two paved sites for campers with mobility issues.

One of the main attractions in the area is taking a trolley ride on a tour of Manistee. Orchard Beach State Park Beach is a 1 hour and 45 minute drive from our location in Coopersville. Even though it might sound far, coming into the largest boat showroom in Michigan will be worth the extra travel.

3. Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore

Source: John McCormick / shutterstock Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore

Voted as one of the most beautiful places in the United States because of its panoramic vistas and 60 miles of shoreline, Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore features golden sand beaches and lush forests with amazing flora and fauna.

For the endurance hikers, you can climb the dunes and enjoy spectacular views of cute farmsteads and the island’s lighthouse. When it comes to activities, hiking through the forest, bird watching, and canoeing on the inland lakes are some of the best options. Families will just love the Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore and its dozens of inland lakes to explore, and the for kids, the dunes are one huge fun playground.

Good Morning America‘s” host fell in love with this park watching the sunset from a boat close to its shore. With an under 3 hour drive from our location, on the way, many stop in and check on our inventory of new and used boats. Check out our inventory now!

4. Empire Beach

Source: Kim Lindvall / shutterstock Empire Beach

Nestled right by the aforementioned Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore, Empire Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and attracts large crowds of both tourists and locals. Skip the crowds and visit this phenomena on a new boat!

This is dog-friendly beach so make sure to bring your furry friend, but more importantly this beach is a perfect getaway for all those adventurous vacationers who want to combine water activities with hiking, bird-watching, and enjoying nature.

You can go for a low-key bike ride down one of the many paths riding next to a loved one or take a self-guided road trip and explore the soaring bluffs and breathtaking views. There’s no need to worry about heading out on your own and getting lost here because the area is extremely easy to navigate with maps, signs, and park employees.

Once again, since it is only 3 hours away from our location, make sure to stop in and pick up some fun on the way up to your next water adventure.

5. Manistique

Source: Ian Dikhtiar / shutterstock Manistique Beach

Named after the location where Lake Michigan and Manistique River meet, Manistique actually used to be a lumber town that is now a premium destination for recreational activities during the summer season. Head about 6 hours up north from our location and over the Mackinac Bridge to find this hidden gem. Just like the meeting of these two tranquil wonders, we are looking forward to you meeting your newest wonder here at Lynden Sports Center.

This amazing place consists of a natural harbor and beach area that is mostly visited by the locals. Travelers who enjoy nature will have the opportunity to walk around the many trails and visit several historical landmarks.

Fishing, boating, camping, and hunting are just some of the most popular activities here at Manistique. You can even go snowmobiling in winter! Even though we do not sell snowmobiles, we do sell boats of all types for your Manistique adventure! See our inventory now.

There are several restaurants that serve delicious local dishes, as well as a couple of nice souvenir shops and boardwalk stands. Head out to the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse and take a tour of the famous ghost town from the 19th century, Fayette.

6. Copper Harbor

Source: SNEHIT / shutterstock Copper Harbor

Located in the great expanse of northern Michigan, Copper Harbor is famous for its scenic beauty and features a world-class mountain trail system for fabulous hiking. If you wish to visit Copper Harbor’s well known lighthouse, make it an adventure and go on a sea kayak tour. If you want to bring your own motorized personalized dingy, contact us now, and we promise to give you the best deal in West Michigan!

For the less adventurous, you can also explore dozens of quaint galleries and shops or play a game of mini-golf. FUN FACT: Did you know that this Copper Harbor was used by the Pittsburg and Boston Mining Company for transporting goods? Today, however, Copper Harbor is used for commercial and recreational purposes such as ferrying passengers from Isle Royale National Park to northern Michigan.

Spend a day at lovely Copper Harbor beach that is located just across from the lighthouse. The beach is quite picturesque – beautiful enough for the many newlyweds who come here to take their wedding photos. Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow

7. Warren Dunes State Park

Source: Anne Kitzman / shutterstock Warren Dunes State Park

Warren Dunes State Park is one of the most popular parks in the state and attracts over ONE MILLION travelers each and every year (that’s close to how many customers we service every day…. you better visit us QUICK before all the deals are gone). All of them come to enjoy the beautiful lakeshore beaches and explore the large rolling sand dunes.

The dunes here are epic enough to simply be admired and be the subject for landscape photographers, but for active visitors, you should definitely consider a fun climb up the slopes and sand board your way back down.

Only 1 hour and 45 minutes from our location in Coopersville, make sure to climb the tallest sand dune in Warren Dunes State Park, Tower Hill. Tower Hill offers amazing views of Lake Michigan and beyond.

8. Rogers City

Source: Doug Lemke / shutterstock Rogers City

Some call it the Salmon Capital of Michigan, while others refer to it as the Nautical City because of its ties to the shipping industry. Rogers City is home to one of the largest ports in the area (for an amazing Lynden Sports Center boat) and features several lovely beaches where locals come to unwind and top up their sun tans.

Fishing is one of the main activities here and you will see many fishermen on the purpose built fishing platform which is one of the most recent additions to the harbor. There is even an annual salmon fishing tournament in Rogers City. If you buy a boat from us, we promise we’ll think about maybe one day taking you on. 

Let’s take a minute and breathe in the freshwater air from the wave we have just ridden! As you can tell we love Michigan beaches and boats very much. If your favorite beach was not mentioned in this article or you would like to talk about how we can get you into a new or used boat, Contact Us Today

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