Leading the Pack with 100% Sustainability at Lynden Sports Center


Leading the Pack with 100% Sustainability at Lynden Sports Center

Did you know that Lynden Sports Center generates enough energy to be self-sufficient?

At Lynden Sports Center, we care about our environment as much as we value and care for our customers. The longevity of our business is a priority, so that we may continue to provide the products and the service our customers expect and deserve for years to come.

Our patrons spend much of their free time, with their families and friends enjoying the environment.  Lynden Sports Center is a family-owned and operated company as well as outdoor enthusiasts and we understand the importance of spending time with our families.  That is why we have committed to do our part in improving the environment, by going 100% green.  The commitment doesn’t end with us.  We are also happy to provide products from other manufacturers such as Mercury Motors, which is designing more environmentally friendly marine engines.

Only Marine/RV Dealership in MI to Harvest Renewable Energy 100%

Doug Vandenberg, CEO of Lynden Sports Center decided to begin the first phase in 2017, partnering with Greg Oliver and Agathon Solar. The first segment of panels sits atop our marine building

Agathon has years of experience and knowledge in renewable energy, understanding the impact of solar on our communities.

Learn More from Agathon Solar & Energy Storage

Over the course of the last three years, we have been able to steadily reduce the amount of electricity used throughout our facility.  This in turn lowers our costs of utilities and enabling the use of sustainable energy.  In light of the Covid pandemic in 2020, not only did Lynden Sports Center hit this incredible milestone, but we’ve also managed to expand to additional buildings.  Our second phase of panels was installed in our newly announce RV division.  Our efforts alongside the expansion, have made it completely possible to run efficiently on clean renewable energy.  We may be one of the first in our industry to accomplish such an incredible goal.

Expanding efforts with our new RV division building.


Year-To-Date Statistics

Our focus now is on our customers and our product, providing long-term efforts in our competitive pricing and continuing our commitment to our environment.

Doug Vandenberg, CEO


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