Giving Thanks (2020 Edition)


Bethany Post

Giving Thanks (2020 Edition)

2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? Good thing gratitude doesn’t depend on circumstances. We’re a week away from Thanksgiving (the official one), but here’s a week’s worth of things we’re thankful for today!

Our showroom

We’ve enjoyed a gorgeous fall this year, but snow is coming, and it’s a lot more comfortable to browse boats in stock from the showroom’s raised deck than from a snowy parking lot. But in case you can’t make it over to our corner of West Michigan, we’re also thankful for…

Smartphones (& technology in general)

Curious about a boat, but restricted by distance or quarantine? Call one of our salesmen for a personal virtual tour.


It’s available again! Add it to the list of things-you-never-realized-you-took-for-granted. Makes using the… let’s use the historical term and say using the head much less hazardous. Did you know many of our boats can have a head installed? It’s true.


Crestliner offers a standing military rebate for active and retired service members, and periodically offers others throughout the year. For Lynden Sports Center, that means we’re able to offer the same stellar quality at reduced prices for our customers.

Our storage building

The cavernous dry new indoor storage building across the street is almost full of boats, all happily avoiding the cold wet Michigan winter. Need to store your boat? Give us a call!


It’s true. We get to spend our time designing, ordering, photographing, selling, rigging, servicing, moving, test driving, delivering, and storing boats thanks to you, our customers.

[Coming soon]

Yep. Keeping this one under wraps for now, but check back with us in January!

Your turn… What would you add? What are you thankful for?

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