10 Interesting Facts About Father’s Day

Noah French, Marketing Clerk

Noah French, Marketing Clerk

10 Interesting Facts About Father’s Day

Here at Lynden Sports Center we love Fathers! Since we are family owned and run, our team honors the men that bless each one of our lives. Once again we went back to the History books and created a list of 10 Interesting Facts About Father’s Day. This Father’s Day, why not surprise Dad with a gift you know he will love: spending some quality time chatting and sharing these 10 fun facts or you could just stop in and check out our inventory of brand new boats! We’ll be happy with either.

FACT #1: 72.1 MILLION – That’s the total number of fathers in the United States (including biological, adoptive and step fathers). According to Fatherhood.gov, 21% are raising three or more children younger than 18. That means close to 46% of American men, 18 years and older, are fathers. That’s A LOT of Dads. Look’s like we might need to buy more boats. While we quick order, check out which ones we have in stock. Click Here!

FACT #2: Wait… Who is that card from again? Only 50% of Father’s Day cards are actually sent by their sons and daughters to their dads. Actually nearly 20% of Father’s Day cards are purchased by wives for their husbands. That leaves 30% of cards not actually being sent to fathers but actually going to grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles and “someone special.” I’ll explain that last one when you are older. 

Over 87 MILLION CARDS are sent each year on Father’s Day, making it the 4th most popular day for sending cards.

FACT #3: Father’s Day is a commercial hit. Americans are expected to spend more than ever on gifts for Father’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s Annual Survey from 2019. Total spending for the holiday is estimated to reach $16 billion in 2020, up from last year’s $15.3 billion.

Even still the trend of spending more on Mom on her day continued with those surveyed saying they plan to spend $139 on Dad while spending $195 on Mom. Good thing here at Lynden Sports Center we can get you into a brand new Godfrey Pontoon boat for as low as $174 per month $0 down! Looks like with a little help you’ll be having the best Father’s Day yet. Check out our inventory of new Godfrey Pontoons!

FACT #4: MORE THAN 50% – of the fathers polled nationally in 2017 say they are the primary grocery shoppers in their household. The same poll stated that:

  1. Dads research products they buy more than moms. About 11% of moms research products compared to 24% of dads.
  2. Men will spend more for products if they are of better quality.
  3. While Dad may be okay with researching products, men are not generally coupon clippers. And they are most definitely NOT extreme couponers.
  4. Did you know that more men purchase boats at Lynden Sports Center than women?

FACT #5: ALMOST A THIRD – of Americans shop ONLINE for Father’s Day gifts. Who doesn’t love a great Groupon deal! Where would Dad like to place his fishing rod holders on his new boat you are getting him this year..? That’s the part many of us are still trying to figure out.

While 39.9% of Father’s Day shoppers will still head to department stores to pick up their gifts, the next best place is the Internet, with almost 37% of shoppers buying their gifts online, followed by discount stores (25%), specialty store (22%) and local small businesses (18%). Did you know that 100% of customers at Lynden Sports Center have had some sort of biological father?

FACT #6: Brunch, paintball, boating, wine tastings, hikes, fishing and hunting trips… Millennials are far more likely to buy “EXPERIENCES” for their dads this Father’s Day than things that need batteries.

In 2015, two in five Millennials were planning outings with Dad on or around Father’s Day, which represented 22% of Father’s Day shoppers. Boating and barbecuing are two of the top activities people do on Father’s Day.

FACT #7: Dads are loyal to the brands they know and trust, according to Adweek. Nearly half (48%) of dads say they are loyal to brands compared with just 39% of moms. 81% of fathers are even okay with brands sending them location-based mobile offers, and most (58%) have taken action on a mobile offer they receive.

Here are 10 top brands that get the Dad Seal of Approval:

  1. Apple
  2. UnderArmour
  3. Nike
  4. Netflix
  5. iPad
  6. Lexus
  7. Lynden Sports Center (should be #1)
  8. Levi’s
  9. Kobalt
  10. Harley-Davidson

FACT #8: STAY-AT-HOME DADS ARE RARE – Did you have a stay-at-home parent growing up? Current college students are eight times more likely to have a stay-at-home mom than a stay-at-home dad. Only 5% of students say their father stayed home with them, compared to 40% who had a stay-at-home mom. What’s more, students who did have a stay-at-home dad are more likely than other students to report having an extremely close relationship with their father (21% vs. 15%). Your father might become a stay-at-the-lake-house dad if you buy him a boat this year! That ones a tongue twister.

FACT #9: How did Father’s Day start again? In May of 1909, SONORA SMART DODD of Spokane, Wash., sat in church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. She decided she wanted to designate a day for her dad, William Jackson Smart. Dodd’s mother had died in childbirth, and Dodd’s father, a Civil War veteran, had taken the responsibility of singlehandedly raising the newborn and his other five children.

The following year, Dodd wanted to celebrate Father’s Day on June 5th, her father’s birthday, and petitioned for the holiday to be recognized in her city. Needing more time to arrange the festivities, Spokane’s mayor pushed the date back by two weeks, and the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, according to the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau.

At the first Father’s Day celebration, young women handed out red roses to their fathers during a church service, and large baskets full of roses were passed around, with attendees encouraged to pin on a rose in honor of their fathers – red for the living and white in memory of the deceased. Dodd road on horse-drawn carriage ride through the city, bringing roses and gifts to home-bound fathers that could not make this event.

FACT #10: 100% OF FATHERS ARE HAPPY – they visited us for their next new or used boat. Don’t believe me? We recently received the President’s Award from Godfrey Pontoons due to our customer satisfaction! This award is given to only one dealer out of one hundred and eighty. Our goal at Lynden Sports Center is ALWAYS to serve our customers at an affordable price to establish long-term satisfaction. We carry a boat for every passion and strive to provide a clean, green, and friendly atmosphere.

We are so excited for Father’s Day this year! Dads are the the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, and story-tellers. From spending time with family to honoring some of the most special men in our lives, in the end it isn’t about the gifts you give, but it is about the memories you make. Make memories this Father’s Day.

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